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Wellness Priority One is switching gears to serve households nationwide. Our specialty is now survival in time of interruption of services.

Like personal happiness, personal health is a decision, not necessarily a fate. Most degenerative disease is preventable and personal wellness is to optimize the baseline overall health to fight preventable disease where and when it is fought best: beforehand.


Personal wellness for survival must become part of your household disaster preparedness strategy.

A two-pronged problem now threatens the nation’s households: disaster with its interruption of services and nutritional depletion away from modern crops in everyday grocery foods. 

Interruption of services. Wellness is a mind – body – spirit equilibrium of peace, consciousness, and immunity in an optimized ability to resist the effects of assaults on the body and mind. One of the best ways to meet any interruption of services in an emergency is to build this kind of personal wellness beforehand. This includes the body and the mind’s ability to cope better with stress, seen and unseen, the body’s immunity to airborne toxins and microbes excited within a disturbed and dislocated environment, and more. The objective of wellness awareness and practice is to build the personal baseline overall general health early, so the well body can have a head start before emergency’s demands set upon the home and family.

Wellness early also has a very positive impact on longevity and quality of life!WPO Poster at 50

Nutrition-depleted grocery foods. A concurrent assault on the household is in the poorer nutrition found in everyday foods. More and more popular foods are nutrient-depleted as a consequence of over-engineering. The objections to GMO foods are not about pesticides on the crops, but engineering which has depleted the foods of nutrients in better controlling the productions of harvests. Naturally, poorer quality of foods leads to nutritional deficiency ailments thereafter. The solution to those, of course, is to make up the difference by taking nutritional supplements. Our view is that prevention altogether is the better solution through early wellness.  

We may be able to live with toxins, but we cannot live with nutrient-depleted foods.

To improve your baseline overall general health and to survive better an interruption of services, contact us for more information.




Team Wellness Priority One makes a superb personal business start-up, especially suited for retirement planning.

A residual income stream is welcome in many households. It translates into health, purpose, and more personal independence.

How does it work, actually?

Most Americans will gladly pay more if only someone will manufacture a superior quality product to meet them. For those who prefer higher quality, our products are manufactured to meet those higher demands. Our manufacturing costs are kept to a minimum by cutting out the middleman marketing people and authorizing the associate to do the marketing instead. Superior quality then reaches the consumer most conveniently along with higher personal service thereafter. Includes free training, exciting rewards programs and a superb culture of wellness and support.

Which personal wellness product is right for you at this time?

Take your own free True Health Assessment to find out. John or Aurea will follow up with you on results and meaning. It’s free, it’s personalized to you, and it’s very informative.

For personal wellness, emergency preparedness, or a business of your own, be sure to contact us when you finish the Assessment.

John and Aurea market USANA products exclusively. For wellness of families, medical professionals and professional athletes. Everything we do helps you love life and live it.



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