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Like personal happiness, personal health is a decision, not necessarily a fate. Most degenerative disease is preventable and personal wellness is to optimize the baseline overall health to fight preventable disease where and when it is fought best: beforehand.

Wellness Priority One is three things:

1. Personal wellness for energy, greater resistance and immunity, and personal freedom all working toward the improvement of the baseline overall general health. Even with a pre-existing condition – as many ask – a condition may deplete the body of wellness; replacement can improve the baseline overall generalWPO Poster at 50 health anyway. Wellness is that personal effort in knowledge, attitude and action; wellness is your keeping the momentum.

Not only are strong resistance and immunity important in daily life, but also in time of emergency such as a disaster’s interruption of services. Wellness Priority One knows that when you make your own wellness the best you can before emergency, you can then endure tr disaster’s stresses and begin to make a difference in the lives of others.

In your ability, energy and immunity, and by your example. Optimal wellness is the foundation of whatever endeavors you would choose. 


2. Weight loss, safely and effectively.  

Most important is what to do after weight loss has begun. Look at that smile

Aurea Longenecker – a Trauma ICU Nurse – found it impossible to reduce. One day, a colleague urged her to try a new diet, one which re-oriented her chemistry to receive the diet with greater compatibility.

This approach enabled Aurea to communicate with her body. The result: she lost 46 pounds and keeps it off. That was four years ago. Today, Aurea tells her story.


3. Personal business start-up, especially suited for retirement planning.

A residual income stream large or small is welcome in many households. It translates into health, purpose, and more personal independence.

How does it work, actually?

Most Americans will gladly pay more if only someone will manufacture a superior quality product to meet them. Cost of that kind of quality is kept to a minimum by cutting out the middleman and authorizing the associate to do the marketing instead. Superior quality then reaches the consumer conveniently along with higher personal service thereafter.

Which product is right for you at this time?

Take your own free True Health Assessment to find out. John or Aurea will follow up with you on results and meaning. It’s free, it’s personalized to you, and it’s very informative.

For personal wellness, weight loss or a business of your own, contact us.

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