ICU Nurse loses 46 pounds: the origin of Wellness Priority One.


What is so unusual about a medical professional losing weight? The same difficulty non-medical people have, that’s what. Why do so many medical people carry so much weight, and why is it hard for them to lose weight, too? A piece of the puzzle was missing.

Aurea Longenecker is a trauma nurse in her twenty-fifth year of service to the people of Los Angeles County. One day, she felt as if her parts were wearing out; painful knees, exhaustion earlier and earlier before her end of shift. Aurea knew she simply had to reduce.

But it was hardly so simple. Her difficulty was a common dilemma: like so many overweight medical professionals, her medical knowledge and experience did not furnish her with the path to lose weight safely and reliably. For her, diet and exercise – which has for so long been the most straightforward advice – continues to let people down as difficult, inconsistent, and frustrating. This was Aurea’s frustration, too. 

Then, one day, she caught a break. Her break was in improving her science knowledge base, coming to understand one of the most understated branches of medical science. In applying it to her own goals of reducing, Aurea lost 46 pounds and she keeps it off. She was that much overweight in spite of dieting and being on her feet all day.

Aurea came to understand an aspect of science which was the missing piece of her puzzle. The rest began to take care of itself. 

Naturally, colleagues and others noticed and they asked “Au, are you losing weight?” 

Look at that smile

There is a secret to unlocking the body’s cooperation and breaking an unending cycle of frustration. Aurea found it easy to work and it became success. It did more for her than lose weight.

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